8.19.17 Fishing Report

The fishing remains surprisingly consistent as we push through the middle part of August. A lot of that can be attributed to the amount of bait that has stayed in the area. Mackerel have been scattered but still catchable. The key to filling the well is chum. Without chum the schools will remain scattered and have no need to congregate around your boat. With the chum, filling the well has been taking less than twenty minutes. Mackerel from shore have been hit or miss, but the pogies have remained and are still hanging tight to shore, so keep a snag hook at the ready, and use them live or chunked up. We have also been seeing a large number of some sort of small bait filling the river. Each morning it looks like it raining as we make our way out. We have not got a great look at it, but what we have seen is that it is a small baitfish about 2-3 inches long with a large pronounced head. Peanut bunker? Britt Herring? Baby Alewives? Not totally sure yet, but we are very excited for the prospect of a solid fall run when these little guys decide to leave to the river in the upcoming weeks.

The Striped Bass fishing has been focused around areas of cooler moving water. Fishing boulder piles with white water, beach front rock piles, and deep holes have proven to be the most consistent. There is no doubt that the most productive method has been to use bait. We have been deploying a combination of live mackerel, chunked mackerel, and clams. We have also been chumming the bass up behind the boat as well. Once we get the fish into the slick we have been able to entice a few to hit the artificials as well. Fishin’ Magician Skid Sticks, Ron-Z’s, and Hogy Pro Tails in the 4 and 7 inch models have been working well. We have also witnessed some kayak and other boat anglers taking some nice fish in the thirty inch range on Tube and Worm rigs. Work the tube as low and slow as you can and you will find success. On that note, don’t be afraid to venture out of the river with these rigs. Most of the nice fish that we have seen taken are out front around the islands in the cooler water. Guys fishing at night are still catching the majority of the big fish. Live eels, and chunk bait on bottom have been the ticket. WE have had some serious weed push in as of late but it should clear within a day or two.

Offshore fishing remains hot as well. Ground fish guys are catching some nice slammer pollack roughly thirty feet off of the bottom. Using your sounder will show you where they are hanging. Jigs with teasers, and strip baits have been the ticket. There has been some dog fish around too, so be warned if you are using bait.

With the commercial tuna fishery shut down until September 1st, now may be the time to go out there hone your skills and practice safe handling and releasing of these fish. Also if you have a recreational permit you are still allowed to retain fish just nothing larger than 73”. The shark fishing remains consistent as well as we are smack in the middle of the best time of year to chase sharks. The water temperature at the Jeffries Buoy is 68 degrees.

On a side note, we also have been seeing a run of shad off of the jetties again. I do not remember this happening in the past, so just keep it in mind as an alternative target should you find the fishing to be slow one day.

Good luck everyone! Capt, Lou Tirado
Diamond Pass Outfitters

Peter Mourmouras