8.25.17 Fishing Report

Offshore fishing remains the same consistent on all of the ledges. I find up on top in 200 FT the best for haddock, clams, squid, or strips of mackerel. Pollock seem to be wolfpacking all depts. Diamond jigs in 300 in the afternoon has been producing.

Shark are all over, a good slick with plenty of oil and baits at 35-50 fathom has been very hot. As usual the wait seems to be hour. A few Makos are mixed as well as Blues. Most seem to be over 10 feet long. Inshore ledges have more haddock then I’ve seen in a long time, 240-260 FT with clams. A lot of large whiting mixed in too, be patient and move around a lot, you will find them.

Captain Pete
Teazer Charters

Peter Mourmouras