8.5.17 Fishing Report

Inshore Striped Bass fishing remains consistent as we enter August. But like every August the larger fish seem to be light sensitive. Meaning that if you are looking to score with larger fish your best bet will be to fish either at night or at first light. Larger fish are being caught off of the beaches and around the islands and ledges. The top producing method has been fishing live eels. A slow retrieve near the bottom is where you will want to keep your offerings. Chunks fished on the bottom are always a good bet during August as well as the bass are more apt to take a free meal rather than hunt one down. Mackerel, and Pogies along with Clams will take their fair share of large bass.

The river is still full of herring and the bass are on them at first light, soft plastics such as the Hogy Pro Tail in 7” and Ron-Z mimic the profile of the bait the bass are keyed in on quite well. A rapid retrieve fished just under the surface will match the way the herring flee from the Stripers. Spook style and Pencil Poppers are also good choices for topwater action. SP Minnows and Magic Swimmers should be considered when the sun comes up and the bass go deep.

Fish can also be found on the flats once the sun is up. Cruise the flats slowly, this is done best with either a trolling motor, push pole, or even just drifting. Fly anglers will reign supreme. Crab patterns, and small Clousers will be the ticket. Spin guys can also get on the action by using weightless soft plastics, and small jigs.

Live lining during the day will be your most consistent method to taking fish once the sun is up. Mackerel fished on a 5/0-7/0 in line circle will be your best bet. Focus on areas of cooler moving water, like the beach fronts, and outer islands.

The Offshore scene remains red hot, sharks are in all of their usual haunts, the ground fishing remains strong with some nice Pollack being caught on jigs and teaser flies. There has also been some credible sightings of small to medium giants crashing bait inside, so you will be well served to keep an outfit at the ready should you come across a school that is within casting range. The Giant fishery remains red hot as well, with the quota filling fast be sure to stay up to date with the regulations and day to day happenings.

Peter Mourmouras