May 25th, 2019 Fishing Report

Offshore (5/25/19):

It sure seemed like summer out there today in the Gulf of Maine - sunny, flat calm, whales breaching, and nearly 70 degrees. Fishing at the inside humps was disappointing and prompted the run out to Jeffreys; it might be a few more weeks before the haddock are stacked up on the inside ledges. At Jeffreys we found abundant legal haddock, some sub-legal pollock, and a few legal redfish in 170-200 feet. Anything deeper than 250 feet resulted in cod. Remember - there is currently no retention on cod, and since they don’t always swim back down, it’s best to leave them alone. However, chowder can still be made... the cusk bite was firing in 170 feet. Both jigs and clams were working well. For those who enjoy fishing for the toothy critters, it’s not too early to have a shark line out. A few large porbeagles were taking turns snatching racks thrown over the stern. Enjoy the long weekend and bend some rods.

Jonah Paris
First Mate

TEAZER Charters
Portland, ME