Here's a few tips on fishing this week

 Here is what I can tell you about the fishing:

Fishing in the river remains consistent with school sized fish and some larger fish in the mix. There is a good amount of small bait, herring that are in the 4-6” range, and pogies that are still calling the river home. Live lining bigger baits is proving to be the best method for catching the larger fish. Early mornings have been the ticket for the smaller bass and if you prefer to throw lures or flies. I have been using the smaller Hogy Charter grade popper, 7” slug go’s and hollow flies. Fishing out front remains to be where the more quality fish are, the past days have proven difficult with the seas state but still doable. Offshore the tuna fishery is open again. And sharks have been chewing with it primarily blue sharks and quite a few makos in the mix. Captain Luis Tirado Diamond Pass Outfitters

Peter Mourmouras