July 4th Offshore Report From Teazer Charters

Offshore (7/4/19):

The fishing at Jeffreys has been consistent. We are finding abundant haddock in 200-220 feet and some large cusk at 170-200 feet. The inside humps have potential and are worth a quick stop. Give it a good 20 minutes and move on if there’s nothing happening; the fish are literally there one tide and gone the next. Bait is now out-fishing jigs for us with cut mackerel and clams being the top choices. There is plenty of life out there - sunfish, minkes, finbacks, and more humpbacks than we’ve seen in years. 

The tuna have arrived in numbers and we have been marking quite a few while targeting groundfish. We threw out some squid bars last week to enjoy a few hours of trolling- no love there, but there’s always a chance when a hook is in the water! The tuna are settling into their summer feeding grounds and the bite should crack open any day. The dogfish have made there annual appearance and can be frustrating when fishing expensive fluorocarbon leaders; if you can be patient and get a bait past them, you could be rewarded. When drifting for groundfish, be aware of where the tuna fleet is anchored and maintain a respectful distance. A few large porbeagles are still roaming the ledges with reports of a big thresher hanging around the charter fleet. 

Happy 4th of July! Get out there and catch ‘em up! 

Jonah Paris

First Mate

TEAZER Charters

Peter Mourmouras