09/14/2018 fishing report

September 2018 Fishing Report


Offshore: One of the best groundfish years I can remember.  All of the inshore ledges still hold enough haddock to bend rods.  This week has been good on the highest ground you can find on the ledge.  200-210 feet.  As you drop off into 240-250 you will start to pick up huge whiting .  Small pieces of mackerel or clam works excellent.  The fall blitz of Pollock is in full swing on Jefferies.  The depth was 250 feet this week.  300 foot depths seemed to hold the large cod.  Haddock were up in the 190-100 foot range with some dogfish mixed in.

                Tuna are all at the traditional spots searching for bait. Covering a lot of ground.  Its just a matter of the time factor.  They are there one day, and next day gone.. ( “Day Late”  boat name for anyone thinking of one)….  This changes every tide.  There have been a lot of begineers hooking up which has been wonderful.  We trolled a bit last week but couldn’t  match the hatch.  There are 55-65” fish feeding on small bait in the seaweed patches .. Slug-go bars, casting a ron Z, green machine and smaller butterfly jigs could get you a great hit!.  Try to get out and enjoy this fishery, but be sure to watch the weather and seas.  Some of the best moments can be now!


Tight Lines.

Capt Pete Morse

Teazer Charters  

Peter Mourmouras