We are finding groundfish on the usual humps and ledges. Haddock are shallower than a few weeks ago at 200 to 250 feet. Plenty of oversized whiting and some nice pollock are mixed in with them. Bait as well as jigs have been working, with jigs catching the larger haddock. We saw a school of busting footballs for the first time in a while today. These were little acrobatic 40-50 inchers. Lots of commercial sized bluefin around as of lately. It really comes down to being in the right place at the right time- and not just slack tide. Squid seems to be the bait of choice. Put in the time and you will be rewarded 


Shark season is upon us. Find 400 to 600 feet and estimate your drift direction and speed before setting out your chum. Be aware of where the tuna fleet is anchored up and stay far away from them. Plan on being patient, as the wait has been anywhere from an hour to two hours before the sharks start responding to the chum. Plenty of blue dogs around, a few smaller porbeagles, and rumors of some giant makos. Dead mackerel and fresh pogie chunks have been working just fine for us. 




We are finding striped bass from the Cape shore to the Falmouth shore and along the inner islands. Weightless chunks are outfishing live bait by a wide margin. Keep hardware to a minimum, especially with the recent bright sun and high temps; Swivel to fluorocarbon to an inline circle hook. Pogies remain thick from Portland Headlight to Spring Point. Mackerel have been hit or miss for the past few weeks with quite a few herring mixed in. The cans in the harbor are always a good bet for loading up the livewell. 


Can’t beat summer in Maine. Get out there and fish!


Jonah Paris

First Mate 


Peter Mourmouras