6.20.18 Fishing Report

Saco bay Tackle Fishing Report
June 20, 2018
There really is no bad place to fish for striped bass right now as they can be found in both the rivers and the bay/beaches. The bait in the Saco river has been reluctant to leave despite rising water temperatures and because of this, the stripers have stayed as well. From the dams to the mouth of the river in Camp Ellis, anglers have been having success on everything from schoolies to trophy 40 inchers. The river is the optimal place to throw artificial lures as the stripers can often be seen corralling or chasing bait and they are often stacked up in current seams or holes. My top lure choices for fish in these scenarios would be a paddle-tail rubber swimbait, a Daiwa SP Minnow, the River to Sea Whopper Plopper, pencil poppers and a Sebile Magic Swimmer all in a white or holographic color that mimics alewives or herring. More towards the mouth of the river and off the beaches I would select a larger, wooden topwater plug, a SP Minnow or a RonZ or Hogy rubber bait that imitates a sand eel. Flies that imitate a mackerel, green crab or sand eel will be very productive as well. Remember to fish where you see birds diving and feeding. My top bait selection is always fresh or live mackerel fished on the bottom or on a balloon (live). Next would be bloodworms and sandworms, then chunked frozen mackerel. Mackerel can be caught either from shore off of long rock jetties located in Camp Ellis (Saco) or Pine Point (Scarborough) using a sabiki rig with a ½-1 ounce diamond jig on the end. Those fishing from a boat can find mackerel in a hurry using a quart of chum and by vertical jigging the same sabiki rig setup under the boat. Live-lining these live macks near a rock ledge, point or island can be one of the most productive ways to catch giant striped bass now through the end of the Summer.
In the freshwater, productive local shore fishing for bass can be done at the Saco Industrial Park road pond, Millikin Mills Pond and the bass pond behind the Saco Transfer Station. Below the Skelton dam and throughout the Saco river is a great area to target trout and smallmouth bass as well. 
Curtis Fortier..

Our boy Curtis Fortier using sandworms in the saco river..... at away from the dam for some people asking !! Enjoy the great tides !

- Saco Bay Tackle

Bernie Deshaies