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Fishing Reports

April 17, 2014

From Captain Lou Tirado Diamond Pass Outfitters

Finally,Spring is here! The rain has stopped, and the sun is shining. If you are like me, you have spent your winter cleaning, repairing, and updating gear. Or maybe you have been building plugs, tying flies, wrapping rods, making leaders, and changing hooks. Well I have good news for you. We don’t have to go to anymore tackle shows or fishing expos just to get our fix. We can go fishing! May is an exciting month for us in Maine. We have the option to go jig ground fish one day and then go catch smallmouth bass or sea run trout the very next.

Ground fishing in the early spring is a fantastic time to get out on the ledges and fill your coolers. Not only are the fish more accessible on the inside ledges, but the bait they target is also frequenting the same areas. If you were on the ball and were able to get the boat ready early this spring take advantage of this early season fishery.

Anglers who choose to fish bait will in most cases see higher catch limits, and often bigger fish. Cut clam strips, herring fillets, and squid strips will really do a number on the cod, haddock, and Pollock. A typical set up for the bait fisherman consists of a bank sinker on the bottom, and either one or two hooks rigged above it via dropper loops. I prefer to use 40 lb. fluorocarbon when making my set ups. It has a low visibility in the water, but still gives me something to hang on to while bringing a fish over the side of the boat without cutting into my hand.

Anglers will find success with the standard diamond jigs, Norwegian style jigs, butterfly jigs when they are paired with paired with buck tail teasers, or soft plastic style lures. Jig weight should vary depending on the depth, and the current that you are fishing each day. I prefer to use jigs in the 10-18 oz. range. Anglers who opt for the artificial lures will stand a good chance of doubling up, and of staying away from the pesky, gear destroying dogfish.

In the early season, I fish the inside ledges primarily. Spots like West Cod Ledge, Boomerang, Pollock Nubble, Trinidad, and Tantas are all very good spots that produce good numbers.

April 15, 2014

Thank you Ron Powers writer from On -The Water for providing this report....

Dylan of Dag’s in Auburn told me of a recent trip where ice was still measured in feet as opposed to inches. Common sense has to be applied to shoreline entry, but once out there safe ice is the norm throughout Maine and the “tee-shirt fishing” is the best of the season. Now is the antidote for all those skunkings in February, and odds are you will have the ice all to yourself because locals are just plain sick of it. Remember, Greater Boston had safe ice less than 2 weeks ago, so if you still need a frozen fix than you can still get it in Maine. Dylan offered Worthley Pond as a worthy option.

If you’d rather cast, then how about the Nittisset or Cobbosseecontee River brown trout fisheries? These places are prime right now for brown trout. This is no secret and you’ll have company, especially from fly-fishermen. If you get the right drift and the correct beadhead nymph pattern, you could score a brown trout of over 20 inches long!

Swift waters will make it quite difficult to find some sea run browns, you Amy have to give it some time for the waters to settle a bit... Local streams are still high but it will not hurt to throw a worm in the swift clear current.. Time to stock up on some shad spoons and shad darts for the upcoming weeks. They do sell out quickly and the Saco river has a tendency to take three or four jigs from you. If you are not losing a couple of shad darts and bouncing off the bottom, you are not doing it properly!!

Here is also a blast from the past calls we are getting from from seasoned fisherman;

Here’s a hot one – Mousam River sea-run brown trout. And the key is crayfish or something that looks like one! Ken from Saco Bay is getting besieged with requests for crayfish—hardly an inventoried item in early April in Maine. Somehow, someone discovered that estuarial brown trout love those little buggers. I bet it is because they remind salters of grass shrimp. Maybe you can find a shop which still has some frozen gill or two intended for smelt

January 2, 2013

Hey Peter and Kenny! Happy New Year!

A quick bit of local ice fishing information to share. On Monday (December 30, 2013) night I had the opportunity to fish with a neighbor and his son on Lake Arrowhead. We fished the north side off of Old Portland Rd. beginning around 4:00 pm. Our plan was to get set-up with a few traps before darkness fell and fish into the early evening. Armed with three dozen tiny shiners, headlamps, tip-ups with light leaders and size ten circle hooks, jigging rods with micro-jigs, and lots of warm clothing we took to the ice.

Fishing was fast and all the bites were husky crappie in the 11" to 14" range. Tiny jigs on the jigging rods baited with a minnow (tail hooked) were the best producers. Traps produced a few fish as well. Best strategy was to shine a headlamp light on the hole and softly move the bait a bit. We landed a bunch of fatties and released all, and I believe not one was injured.

The weather was just right with 30 degree temps. and no wind. We caught all of our fish over a weedy bottom in about 12 feet of water. We were packed up by 6:30 pm, heading home, having caught approximately twenty fat crappie. This was one of the few times we stopped ice fishing because we ran out of bait.

This fishery is really worth a try. Arrive before the sun drops to acclimate yourself to the surroundings. Bring the kids. The action is fast!

Marco Lamothe